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Welcome to the audio tour through our historic town Otterndorf. 9th grade students from the local school Gymnasium Otterndorf have translated and recorded the English version of the tour for you.



This big, beautiful brick building, where the municipality of Hadeln resides today, has a long history. It was built in 1792 as a merchant house and granary, but its greatest times were yet to come. In the 19th century it was turned into a hotel, called “Hotel zur Sonne” or “Sun Hotel”. Wealthy guests could find an appropriate place to stay there. On the left, behind the building, was the carriage house, a kind of parking lot for the carriages of the noble guests.
As you can still see at the existing brick walls, the main entrance was elevated and accessible via stairs on both sides. People say about the hotelier Hinze that he loved this staircase because from up there he was able to speak down to guests who acted too posh. Once, a nobly dressed gentleman drove up in his sophisticated coach. When he wanted to get out of the coach, but nobody showed up obligingly, he was outraged and stressed that he had a high rank in the government of Hannover. Hinze thereupon replied to him: “Oh, dat is good, mien Jung, den Posten hol fast!”-or in English: “That’s good, my boy, try to hold on to this job!”
However, these times are now long gone. The carriage house has been renovated and refurbished after its eventful history. Today it’s called “Stadtscheune” or “Town Barn” and serves as a popular and much-used venue, with a gallery with a changing exhibitions on the upper floor.
Years later, the tax office moved into the old “Hotel zur Sonne”. Since 1982, this has been the office of the municipality Hadeln.


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