The Marktstraße (Market Street) is one of the city's oldest roads. In the Middle Ages, it formed part of the western-eastern trade route. The house at Marktstraße 1, with its stately façade, was owned by rich merchant families. The half-timbered house at Marktstraße 2 was built in 1674 by the then mayor as a representative residential and brewery. The house opposite, Marktstraße 21, dates back to 1571, and is one of the city's oldest preserved town houses. The hop tendrils ornaments stand for Königslutter's brewing tradition.

Of Ghosts and Angels



Here in the “Marktstraße” – street number 1 – there used to live a cold-hearted, cheap man who had made a fortune brewing beer. Whenever a beggar knocked on his door, he would chase him away. One day, a poor man approached the gate of the cruel house owner. The latter, however, would not even give the needer a chance to speak but instead sicked his huge dog on him. In terror, the poor man took to his heels. When he saw the arrogance and pleasure in the rich man’s eyes, though, his wrath was stirred. He stopped, clenched his fist and cursed the rich man to never find peace again. Then he turned around and rushed away.

At first, the rich man did not waste a thought on the curse, but soon he realized that he could barely find any rest. Not long after, he died. But still: he could not find peace. At night, he walked abroad his former home, groaning, howling and blustering in pain. And whenever he scuffed up the stairs there was a jangling sound as if he wore heavy chains. The new owners of the house, however, were terrified in light of the spooky incidents and made an effort to get rid of the evil as fast as possible. But every single attempt failed. Even the cleric, who was called to help in that matter, had to flee the scene so he wouldn’t be affected by the evil spirit. Being in extremis, the new home owner had to consult the executioner “Uter” from Oberlutter. It was widely known, that he could accomplish unusual things. As soon as he entered the former brewery he said: “Why did you not come to me in the first place? You could have been rid of the old man for a long time!” Then, he proceeded to business. Not long and he had banned the ghost into a bowl, which he carried all the way to a remote piece of the woods in the “Elm”. Ever since that day, the “Marktstraße” finally had peace again.

You could not just find evil spirits in this street though, of course. The pretty front of street number 2, for instance, is graced by two angel figurines. This is the story behind them: The owner of the house, mayor Meyer, had a little daughter, shining like the sun. However, when one day a servant steered his cart full of hay through the gate, the little girl jumped right in front of the cart, thinking it was her father returning. Suddenly she tripped and fell to the ground. Her mother and the servant exclaimed in terror. But it was too late. Yet, when the cart came to a stand, the little girl stood up without any injuries and everyone was relieved and also a little bit puzzled. Even as an old woman the little girl was telling the story of how two angels lifted the cart above her and saved her that way. It is said that her father was so grateful, that he had those two angel figurines mounted to the gate.