Königslutter war über Jahrhunderte durch eine Stadtmauer geschützt. Im Süden vor dieser Befestigung lag das Dorf Oberlutter. In der Wallstraße sind bis heute Teile der Mauer erhalten geblieben. An der heutigen Straßeneinmündung stand noch bis Ende des 19. Jahrhunderts eines der vier Stadttore, das Oberluttersche Tor.

Of Law and Order



Wayfarer: Stop, stop! I am begging you! Please let me in!

Gatekeeper: Well, you should have thought about that before, my friend. The gate is closed after sundown and it will stay closed.

W: But you can see I am alone, unarmed and the sundown’s light has barely vanished. I am begging you, let me in!

G: Good man, I do not think you are capable of doing evil but I do not have authorization to let you in. It is an iron law that our walls and the four gates harbor a district of peace. We maintain law and order by following rules that must no be broken! And this goes for the gate opening, too.

W: But good Sir, you are a Christian, please answer a poor wayfarer’s begging, who does not want to spend the night outdoors. Especially not in this freezing weather. And who knows what evil things may surround your walls, both men and beast! Be merciful and do not leave me to the darkness of the night!

G: Please understand me! I am not allowed to let you in! Unless you payed with real thalers…

W: I cannot do that…

G: Well, in that case I cannot let you in either! It would be construed as a neglect of duty! That is the law, those are the rules. However, I can assist you with advice instead. I am sure you know the famous monastery, which houses the remains of emperor Lothair?

W: I have certainly heard of it. I have been told by a pilgrim. Also, I saw its towers during sundown.

G: There we have it! It is not far from here. Just follow the path uphill. The monks will not reject you if you ask for accommodation in this time of need. The founder of their order, Saint Benedict, taught his brothers to open their doors to whoever comes knocking.

W: I thank you so much, good Sir. I will try my luck there. But I should better hurry before the night turns dark.

G: God be with you and say hello to my godly Brothers!