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Woman: Look, a post rider! Twice a week he is headed towards Münster, twice towards Osnabrück. I wonder what message he is carrying this time.
Man: Hopefully a good one, at last. They have been sitting together in Osnabrück and Münster for years now. It appears to me that the high lords couldn’t care less about the poor man. Concern about us is not the driving force behind their actions, at least. Only one man seems to be busy doing his job, the messenger!
Woman: How right you are! For 30 years we have had to suffer from this horrific war. All those terrible moments when soldiers roamed around plundering what they could. Taking everything from us however they pleased. Our belongings, our daughter’s maidenhood, the roof above our heads when they set everything ablaze.
Man: It’s not much better when the soldiers demand accommodation, though. May it be the imperial-legistic troops or the Hessians and the Swedes. I have heard the story of a corporal, who was served sauerkraut and mettwurst together with plenty of meat by a farmer. A better meal than the farmer has had for a long time. You know what the corporal did?
Frau: What did he do?
Man: He scattered the meal everywhere and bawled about the house, complaining about the food. Then, the poor farmer had to give him his chickens and calves.
Frau: Pathetic! And he dares call himself a Christian! – I have heard similar things about a soldier, who was accommodated by a farmer not far from here. When they were finally able to get rid of him after weeks and weeks, he had the audacity to demand money! And when the woman of the house couldn’t give him any, he threatened her with his rifle. She even had a baby on her arm!
Man: And then?
Woman: Just before worse was allowed to happen, an officer came by and ordered him to follow. Still, he threatened to return.
Man: Good man, do you come bearing good news?
Rider: I can’t disclose too much, only one thing: Don’t give up the hope! It will be over soon! – Giddyup!
Woman: Did you hear that?
Man: May God give that he is right.


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